The latest version of Formulating for Efficacy™, the Software, is now ready for download for new purchasers.

For those who have earlier versions, the same download can be used to upgrade (at no charge). Although the Default data files for Actives and Ingredients are updated, none of your own data files will be affected by the change. Check out the new Default versions to see if you want to incorporate them into your workflow. The Version Information document downloadable below lists the changes between versions so you can decide if the upgrade is worthwhile.

It is a standard Microsoft .msi installer that runs under the Microsoft DotNet Framework 4, which should be installed via a free download from Microsoft.

Click on the link to download it, then run the installer program.

Of course the program will not run without a valid license available on purchase.

Immediately after purchase you will receive an email, containing the link to a temporary license file, to get you up and running. After you have downloaded this license file, you simply have to place it in the same folder as the program.

Your permanent license will later be emailed to you.

FFE Version Information
FFE Installer v. 1.3.07