What is FFE™?

A methodology that allows you to take standard cosmetics ingredients and create formulations that will deliver your active into the skin most effectively.

How does it work?

The key insight is that solubility is the key. The active should be soluble in the formulation and the formulation should be soluble in (should open up) the skin to help carry the active inside. Using the well-known Hansen Solubility Parameter approach, solubilities can be estimated automatically and the balance of solubilities can be adjusted to optimise delivery. For a detailed explanation go to FFE in depth.

What else does it do?

It can suggest optimum formulations for you, or optimise your own list of ingredients. It can estimate the “skin delivery gap” so you can add the minimum (expensive) active to get the maximum effect in the skin. It can model the diffusion of active and ingredients through the skin, explaining how a good formulation can become bad over time – or vice versa.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! It was designed specifically for cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulators so works in familiar ways, has INCI ingredients, has a good database of actives, has automated ways to get parameters for your own special ingredients, has instant feedback on most things and allows easy export of data to spreadsheets and reports. The user community is very good at pointing out problems, and we’re always happy to update the package to make it easier and more powerful. Users get free updates because they are helping us to make it better.

How can I get to know what it does?

  1. Look at the FFE in depth page.
  2. Look at the screencasts (videos) that take you through the different parts of the program.

Does FFE have a future?

The loss of Johann Wiechers was a blow to all of us. Friend and colleague Mark Chandler, President of ACT Solutions Corp (www.actsolutionscorp.com) is carrying on Dr. Wiechers’ legacy in support of Formulating for Efficacy™. Please contact him at mark@actsolutionscorp.com or 1-302-525-8110 with any questions.