Photo of Johann Wiechers

Professor Dr Johann Wiechers

The concept of Formulating For Efficacy was conceived by Johann Wiechers. In 2010 he worked with Professor Steven Abbott to develop the accompanying software, which was announced in March 2011. After his early demise later that year, ACT Solutions Corp. continued to develop and support FFE, the Software.

Johann Wiechers had a passion for bringing the best of science to cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulation. He taught Formulating For Efficacy around the world and with Professor Steven Abbott created Formulating For Efficacy, the Software to allow formulation teams to fully understand the effects of each of their ingredients on skin delivery.

Mark Chandler, president of ACT Solutions Corp.

Mark Chandler, President of ACT Solutions Corp.

With the support of his many friends and colleagues, FFE, the Software continues. A new release provides an exciting new tool to watch how the ingredients and active diffuse through the skin. The scientific development continues in groups around the world, and feedback from the user community is helping to refine the functionality and the datasets.

The best way to understand FFE, the Software, is to listen to Johann’s training videos plus the latest one from Steven on the diffusion modeller. You can even get an hour’s free on-line training with Steven if you really want to find out if FFE will work for you and your company.

Johann is no longer with us, but the work he started will continue just as he would have wished.